At One Life 2 Live we enable coaches, trainers, consultants and professionals to develop themselves and their practice by providing continuous professional development programmes and one-to-one coaching packages. Our programmes and coaching are also available to people who want to invest in their own development.

As a coach, trainer or consultant you are usually busy delivering to other people. The programmes here are designed with your own development in mind as short personal and professional CPD options. If you are a professional or technical specialist you may want to expand your development into topics outside the usual.

All of our programmes are delivered in person. Coaching is available face-to-face or via phone/Skype.

One Life 2 Live is based in Manchester, UK and was founded in 2008 by Andrea Nolan (Bsc(Hons), Chartered FCIPD, Certified Trainer NLP, NCC).

Personal Development for the Real World

Our programmes have the following features

  • Are designed to support you as the coach/ trainer/consultant/professional as well as offering additional practices for working with your clients.
  • Relevant, practical and pragmatic
  • Attend to the real and everyday challenges we all face
  • Combine developments in neuroscience and research with ethics, experience and action
  • Have the human being at their heart
  • Provide a certificate at the end detailing CPD hours
  • Unless we are running a programme under licence or by another trainer all programmes are created and facilitated by Andrea Nolan

We also work in the following way:

  • Limited group sizes (maximum 18)
  • In-person programmes
  • Supportive environment
  • Working with like-minded people

Programmes are offered on both and open and in-house basis. Open programmes require a minimum of four people to run. If you are an organisation or group interested in in-house delivery a programme can be delivered to you if you have a suitable venue. If not, I can usually recommend an off-site location. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss.

If you are a small business or group jnterested in in-house delivery I offer flexibility on pricing so please feel free to get in touch.

Coaching is available in-person or via Skype/ phone. Some of the programmes here can be used as the basis for coaching if you are interested in a particular programme. Otherwise professional and bespoke coaching is provided.


We work with a number of venues across Manchester and the North West.

Sister Site - The Leadership Dimension

I also have a practice called The Leadership Dimension, where I work with organisational leaders, middle managers and teams who are interested in simultaneously developing their organisations and themselves.

Please take a look if you are interested in executive coaching, senior team facilitation or short leadership development programmes that can be delivered on or off-site. Many of my programmes are recognised by The Institute of Leadership and Development.